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Nov 10, 2012 10:30pm EST
, it's the person who was there during the benghazi attack. and that man was david petraeus..(on cam tag) secretary of state hillary clinton was asked by the house committee to attend the hearrnn this coming thursday. however, she'ssscheduled to travel outside the ccuntry next week. in washington, molly henneberg, &ppox news. 3 highest least according to court administrato. administrators... the federal court system will see auuomatic uts, under the mmllion dollars. and about an enormous backlog of phaaing senator chuck grassley who's urging court administrators to put an end tt their expensiveejunkets. judges froo the ninth circuii court spent more thhn a millioo dollars on a conference in maui thhs year..... ouu medda partner, the waahington story.ian is following he 3 "the issue of judges traveling to theee judicial conferences, which are really nothing more than extended vacations on taxxayers dime are going to become a focal poont oo reformmig the judicial branch." branch."theefederal judiccary outlined its measures in whaa vague email. to
Nov 9, 2012 10:00pm EST
... crriser's... ps system... showed ...he was at 3&c-i-a director david petraeus resigns after admittinggto an said he asked the president to be allowed to step doww... he said quotee"after beiig married for over thhrty seven years, i showeddextremmly poorr judgment." petraues took on the head position of &pphe -i-a in september wo phousand eleven. the white house accepted his resignation this afternoon. 3 many... people... aree.. still feeling the effects... offsandyy..// especially... motorists. are battling ...gas shortages..../ but ... state officials... already... have aasolution...//. gas... rationing... acccrding o... license plate pumbers... have already parts of new york... and... new with plates... ending ii odd and even numbers .... will... aattrnate days... at... gas stations..../ to... lines. cut down ...on... long 3 lady liberty... will be shining brrght again p..toniiht....// the... -&natt says... its the first time the ptatue's torch... will be pit... since superstorm sandy hit..../// he statue... and th
Nov 13, 2012 10:00pm EST
with ill kelley - she's the wommn who says she received threatening emails from broadwell,,general david petraeus's mistress. thoss emails led to the orgiiial fbi investigatton that uncovered the extramarital affair between broadwell and petraeuu.little under investigation and before the facts are determined, generaa allen will remain commanddr of isaf." petraeus resigned about the actual timing and length of his affair..... and if it occured in affhanistan &pttat could mean prosecution under military llw.panetta saas: "we obviously are goingg po watch this closely to determine just exactly when that ook place." deeense secretary leon panetta says he ordered a pentagon investigation of allen on monday. gennral allln replaced general petraeus when he took over the cia. thhrnberry says: "this thing gets even more bizarre and we are all focused on he perronal interactiios but there are serious questions of nationallsecurity." general allen denies any wrong doing and is currently of the u.s. european command. allen's confiimation hold. lawmakers stilll wwnt to know whh they w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3